Terms, Indemnity and other conditions


Contra-indications that we DO NOT train:

1) Pregnancy

2) Pacemaker

3) Neurological disorder like epilepsy or multiple sclerosis

4) Acute injury, fever, bacterial or viral infections.

Requires medical approval from your doctor before training:

1) Tumours

2) Diabetes Mellitus (Type 2 diabetes)

3) Advance arteriosclerosis, severe circulatory,

and arterial circulatory disorders

4) Acute arthritis (Rhematoid)

5) Bleeding, bleeding tendency, haemophilia

6) Abdominal wall or inguinal herina

7) Tuberulosis

8) Stroke

Training Advice:

– Please stop training if you feel unwell, dizzy, or experience heart or chest pains.

– Do not connect or disconnect electrodes when in use, to avoid risk of injury.

– Electrodes may only be removed and applied by a qualified trainer.

– The person participating in the training will be liable for any damages caused by him/her self.


I, the member, confirm that I am physically and medically fit to do EMS (Electro muscle stimulation) exercise and the training routine. I acknowledge and accept that I will conduct the EMS training at my own risk and indemnify and harmless and blameless RS_FIT, together with the trainers, against any claim, liability damages or any other loss whatsoever resulting from or related to EMS training, whether directly or indirectly.


MEMBERSHIPS – At the commencement of and the duration of the membership agreement, the member may select and book a preferred EMS time slot, subject to availability. If a member is unable to attend a pre booked session they will be able to catch the session up given it was within the cancellation threshold period.

BOOKINGS AND CANCELLATION OF SESSION – Bookings made between 05h30 – 10h00 needs to be booked 12 hours in advance and if cancelling needs to be 12 hours in advance as well. Bookings made between 10h00 and 15h00 need to be booked 3 hours in advance and cancelled 3 hours in advance. Bookings made between 15h00 – 19h30 need to be booked 6 hours in advance and cancelled 6 hours in advance. Any bookings cancelled out of the threshold period will be lost.

MOBILE TRAINING – I understand and accept that RS_FIT is mobile training and that the trainer will be coming to my home to do my EMS training session.

MEMBERSHIP CANCELLATION – The member may cancel at any time by giving 30 days notice, in writing via email to RS_FIT. If the membership is cancelled during the contract period the member will be required to pay a 30% cancellation fee for the remaining of their contract. Once the members contract comes to an end the membership will go onto a month to month base until cancellation has been requested from the client.

PERSONAL INFORMATION – RS_FIT understands that the member wishes the personal information provided herein to remain confidential, and RS_FIT understands to take all reasonable and necessary steps to protect the personal information. RS_FIT will not sell or share the personal information with any 3rd party, but may utilize the personal information in order to manage your membership, as while as to provide you with further information or news on the products, services, special promotions and promotions offered by RS_FIT.